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Catching Up on a Busy End of Summer
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Catching Up on a Busy End of Summer


I’m woefully behind on blog posts, but it’s been a very busy (and HOT) end of summer.  I could have easily done a full blog post with pictures of cakes from each week, if I’d set aside some time to do that.  But you get caught up in the day to day bustle of each week’s production and before you know it, it’s been 6 weeks since you made your last post.  So I’ll just feature some highlights.  I’ll start off with some very lucky kids who got some pretty extravagant birthday cakes.  First is a Care Bear Castle that’s just too cute for it’s own good for a little girl and then a Superhero tiered cake for a little guy.  Then there’s a baseball themed cake for the son of one of the Padre’s relief pitchers and a Pirate’s Treasure Chest for a little girl.  Frozen continues to be incredibly popular — even in the withering heat of this past September (or perhaps because of it).  Who wouldn’t want an Elsa around to cool everything down when it’s 98 degrees?  We did a single tier cake with Elsa and Anna on top, made and drawn by hand!  All these cakes feature décor items that we did by hand, which, of course, makes cakes a bit more pricey.  The last kid’s cakes is a tiered cake with edible images which help keep the cost down a bit.  But you can compare the hand drawn Elsa in the single cake to the edible image of Elsa on the tiered cake to see the difference.

If you’re like me, you’re sick of being informed that someone you knew from high school “saved a life” in Candy Crush Saga.  Perhaps if I ever played the game, I might be more grateful to that heroic virtual act.  But I’ll keep my opinions of Candy Crush Saga to myself when someone pays us to make Candy Crush Saga cake!  And while we’re on the candy theme, here’s a tiered cake that’s covered with candy — literally.  It was quite the production getting all the candies to stick to the bottom tier of the cake, but it just looked fantastic.  Finally, in the candy theme (sort of), I’ll also show a Hot Fudge Sundae cake we did with a Neopolitan Ice Cream theme.

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I just don’t get having a Day of the Dead theme for your wedding.  It just seems a little macabre to me, but then I didn’t grow up in a culture that really incorporates that.  Of all the Day of the Dead wedding cakes we’ve done, however, the next one is by far my favorite.  It actually looks sort of elegant, which I’d never really seen before with a Day of the Dead theme.  It made me think that having a wedding cake with skulls all over it might not be such a bad thing after all.

And while we’re in the wedding cakes with Mexican themes, one of our former night bakers got married recently and got three cakes from us.  Ian is one of my all time favorite former employees.  He has such a wonderful, upbeat spirit about him with a very quick sense of humor.  He was great to have in the bakery as he really buoyed everyone’s spirits and kept everyone in a good mood.  I was sorry to see him move on, but that’s life in the food business.  I was happy we had him as long as we did.  For his main wedding cake, he got a three tier cake with large Mexican party flags all around.  Then he got a cake in the shape of an apple pie and another in the shape of a ham bone ready to be carved.  Ian was nothing if not unique.  My best wishes to Ian and Sarah for a long and successful marriage!  You can click on any of these images to see a larger version.


In a much more traditional vein, here’s a beautiful cake with ombre rosettes on the bottom that went to Old Venice in Point Loma.  They have a pleasant patio in the back which is a nice place for a low-key out door wedding if you’re in the market for such a venue.  One of the most popular designs we do is a cake with buttercream piped in horizontal pleats.  The next cake is the first we’ve done like this with chocolate buttercream rather than vanilla.  And then there’s a variation on this pattern where the pleats are piped in a wavy pattern rather than straight.  Again, click on any image to see a larger version.


Finally I’ll close with a 3D helicopter we did for a Navy Helicopter pilot who was retiring.  The emblems on the side of the cake show all the different divisions (if that’s the right word) of the Navy that he flew for during his career.  His wife was thrilled with the cake when she picked it up.

Well, that finishes off another blog post.  Thanks for keeping us so busy.  I’m grateful for all the orders we have.  And remember, if you want us to make you a fantastic cake like one of the above, be sure to contact us several weeks in advance of when you want the cake.  We book up 2-3 weeks in advance these days.  Thanks for reading!


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