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Here Comes The Wedding Cakes
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Here Comes The Wedding Cakes


We’re through July and August which means we’re in the middle of wedding season in San Diego.  We’ve got September and October to go before weddings tail off for a while.  This has been a bit of a different wedding season for us.   For the past several years, we’ve been pretty darn steady from weekend to weekend with weddings.  This year we’ve had some slower weekends with some weekends that are just slammed.  Talking to a few others in the “industry” (I hate that term for businesses that work weddings), our experience is not unique.  Several of our fellow vendors are having the slower to crazy business pattern this year.  Who knows why these things go the way they do.  You just enjoy the slower weekends and let yourself recharge for the slammed ones.

Since my last blog post, I’ve discovered the wonders of Instagram.  I know, welcome to 2013.  But I’ve started an Instagram account for Twiggs and post wedding cakes after I set them up on deliveries as well as birthday cakes we finish in the store.  So follow us on Instagram:  @twiggsbakerycafe

It’s been a while since my last blog post (been preoccupied with instagram!) so there’s quite a bit to cover.  So here’s a look at several of the wedding cakes we’ve done in the last month.  Each year there’s always a couple of trends that come through.  This year, it’s been the year of small wedding cakes with sheet cakes in the back for the majority of servings.  We’ve done weddings for 200+ people where there’s a small two tier cake for 30 on display and all the remaining servings are in the back.  I don’t know anyone who owns a bakery who’s a big fan of this trend because, being completely honest, you make less money than if you sell a larger display cake with no sheet cakes.  We’re fortunate in that we have multiple income streams;  in addition to our bakery, we have two cafes and a great breakfast business at our Adams Avenue location.  So the mini-display cake trend isn’t killing us as much as some other bakeries.  Fortunately, there are a number of couples who still want that statement cake.  So we’re going to feature their cakes first!





Ok, that last photo with the very dramatic black fondant cake is a little out of focus, but unfortunately, it’s the best picture we have.   Now after discussing small display cakes, I’ve got to show a couple which are quite nice.  And all small display cakes don’t go to large weddings with sheet cakes.  We do an awful lot of 30 person weddings and, obviously, you’re getting a small, though appropriately sized, cake for a small wedding.

As you might discern from a lot of the pictures above, another trend this year is simply decorated cakes, particularly rustic and “Shabby chic” looks.  I don’t get to do near as much detailed piping work as I use to and feel I’m getting a little rusty at times.  But the wedding below wanted a more elegant, finished look that had me get out the old piping bag.  I had fun working on this cake and was happy with how it turned out:

Cupcakes are still a trend for weddings, though they do seem to be waning a bit in favor of the dessert buffet.  But here are three cupcake weddings we’ve done in the last month.  The first picture shows a particularly fun and creative set up coordinated by Abbey Catering at the Darlington House.  The others are more common cupcake “trees” — the first with an Art Deco design for a wedding with a Great Gatsby theme at the Cuvier Club in La Jolla.


Before we leave weddings, here’s a couple of groom cakes we’ve done in the last month.  The first is a recreation of the couple’s bulldog and the second a dream sports car for the groom.


While we’ve been doing a lot of weddings lately, we’re still pumping out cakes for birthdays, baby showers and other special occasions.  Here’s some random pictures of different cakes we’ve done in the last month:





Well, that’s enough for this blog post.  I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at some of the work we’ve done in the last month.  We’re pretty darn booked up for the coming month, so if you want a cake from Twiggs, you should give us as much notice as possible.  We can always take an order for a retail 8″ cake with a simple inscription.  But if you want any special décor, it’s best to plan ahead — like many weeks ahead, not 3 days ahead.

If you don’t want to wait another month for a blog post, I can now say that you can Follow Us On Instagram!   (one more plug for our instagram feed).  We’re up to 138 followers!  Woo Hoo!  Thanks for reading the blog, but mostly, thanks for supporting us and making us so successful.  I’m extremely grateful for what our business has grown into.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!










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