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Spring is in the Air!
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Spring is in the Air!


Spring is here, which means we’re back in the wedding cake business in a big way.  Growing up in the South, groom’s cakes were a standard part of any wedding reception.  I’ve found a lot of people outside the South aren’t that familiar with them, though the Red Velvet Armadillo in Steel Magnolias did clue a lot of the rest of the country onto the concept of a groom’s cake.  Let’s face it, the standard wedding is all about the bride; the groom is an honored guest at his bride’s big day.  So the groom’s cake was invented to throw the groom a bone and have at least something that’s about him at the wedding.  Traditionally, the wedding cake is a vanilla cake with all white icing while the groom’s cake is chocolate and features something specific to the groom — his alma mater, profession, hobby or something like that.  These days the flavors for wedding and groom’s cakes are far more varied, but the tradition of the personalized groom’s cake remains.  And they’re becoming increasingly popular here in San Diego, which is about as far away from the American South you can get and stay in the continental United States.  Here’s a groom’s cake we did last week for a guy whose hobby is deep sea diving.

While we’re on the subject of weddings, we’ve been knee deep in wedding cakes already.  Of course, we do a lot of weddings for couples who either one or both are in the Navy and they often want a nautical / Naval theme to their wedding cakes.  Here are two that went out this past weekend.  The second features a bobble head topper of the couple in their dress uniforms.

Here are a few more cakes we’ve done in the last couple of weeks.  The “Circle of Dots” cake made me bleary eyed doing all those tiny dots, but the end result was quite striking if I do say so myself.  Then there’s a “pretty in pink” cake that went up to the elegant La Valencia and a small cake with black swirls and triple swiss dot that went over to a restaurant in Pt Loma.  That bride was nice enough to write a glowing review on yelp just a couple of days ago, which we appreciate immensely.


Simple, rustic, “shabby chic” is still all the rage this year.  At the extreme of simple is the so called “naked” cake, where the cake isn’t even frosted, just set out au natural for all the world to see.  The first cake is a slight variation on the naked cake.  It actually has fresh raspberries and strawberries inside that are visible.  And the cake is frosted — but it’s a whisper thin layer of buttercream which still allows the cake to be seen, but puts a thin white haze over it.  I thought it looked surprisingly good when I set it up in the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park.  This is followed by more very simple cakes — a cake with “spatula pleats” (pleats made by running a spatula around the cake after it’s frosted with buttercream) that went to Scripps Seaside Forum, an extremely traditional triple swiss dot cake that went to the Coronado Community Center and a very rustic cake with rough swipes that the couple picked up from the bakery to take to the reception.



Our lead decorator Emily just seems to get more assured with each passing month.  I’m always impressed by her work, but I was pretty blown away by a cake she did last weekend with a recreation of a Spiderman comic book cover.  When we took the top off the box containing this cake for the woman who was picking it up, her jaw dropped.    Emily also worked on a very tedious recreation of a global map for a woman who’d traveled all over the world.  The red dots on the map indicate ports where she’d visited.

Of course, we continue to pump out kid’s cakes.  Kristen sent an e-mail saying that her 5 year old daughter Elsa wanted a birthday party with an Oscar Meyer Weinermobile theme.  I was amazed that a 5 year old in 2015 even knew what the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile was.  I thought that thing had been garaged back in the 1970’s, but it’s still going around.  When I was working on the cake it occurred to me that it would be funny to form Elsa’s name out of mini-hot dogs.  The fact that she had a short name like “Elsa” rather than Esmerelda made me decide to run with it.  Following this picture are a lot more kid’s cakes we’ve done the last 2 weeks.  You can click on any smaller image to see a larger version.








Finally, here’s cake we did for a golfer’s 70th Birthday and a baby shower cake for a woman having twins.


Well that about covers the last 2 weeks.  Orders have just kicked into another gear with the arrival of spring and the advent of wedding season.  So if you want a great cake from Twiggs, be sure to give us plenty of notice.  Thanks so much for keeping us so busy.  Bernie and I were having dinner a couple of nights ago and I started reflecting on how much busier our bakery is now than it was 5 years ago.  Sometimes you just get so caught up in the daily grind, you don’t take a minute to step back and see the forest, not the trees.  It’s really amazing how consistently slammed we are these days.  So thanks for keeping us so busy.  Being slammed is a good problem to have and I’m very grateful for all the orders and great reviews.





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