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Sweet Endings to Saying I Do
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Sweet Endings to Saying I Do


We’re in the midst of wedding season here at Twiggs Bakery so we’re churning out wedding cakes.  When I first started doing wedding cakes, I used to get a little freaked out while decorating and then delivering the cake, especially.   Mentally I would be thinking “OMG!  This is somebody’s WEDDING CAKE!   I can’t mess up!  OMG!”  Now 20 years and more than a thousand wedding cakes later, I’m far more relaxed than I used to be.   After so many years and deliveries, I’ve come up with a transport system where the cakes are essentially guaranteed to arrive in tact and in perfect shape.  Where I used to want absolutely no one watching me when I set up a cake on site because I was so nervous, now I just chat with whoever happens to be there and watching.  I actually enjoy delivering wedding cakes now (at least most of the time.  Friday afternoon rush hour deliveries to North County are still a big annoyance).  But I enjoy seeing the different reception sites and what folks have done to put their own stamp on things and make the celebration personal.  So here are some wedding cakes I’ve delivered in the last few weeks where people put their own spin the traditional wedding cake.

The first two cakes are probably the last two cakes I’ll deliver to the Sub Base on Point Loma for quite a while.  This base and the one where Admiral Kidd are have changed their access requirements.   Whereas you formally just had to submit your name and vehicle information a week prior to the event to get on the access list, they now require social security numbers, driver license numbers and date of birth to get on the base.  And you don’t submit these to the base.  You submit them to the person sponsoring the event who then submits them to the base.  And this isn’t just for vendors; this is for every single guest attending the wedding.  Naturally, a lot of people don’t want to give all this information out to strangers — including us.  We’ve decided to no longer deliver to either of these bases.  From what I hear, this new rule has really killed business on the bases for weddings and other events because so many people are uneasy with the new rules.  It’s a shame as they’re nice venues and events there brought money to the base to support operations.  Perhaps the rules will revert to the old access rules in the future, but for now, here are the last two cakes we’ve delivered to the Oceanview Room on the subbase — both unique wedding cakes.  The first is a design we’ve done a few times before — frosting the cake to look like a birch tree.  The first time I did this cake, it took me about a day of experimentation to figure out how to make it work.  Once I broke the code, it’s really not that difficult and it is a very cool and unique look.  The “stand” they had for this cake was a little tricky.  They had five sections of cut tree trunk which were all different heights and were definitely not flat.  But I balanced the base on three of them while the other two just sort of fit in for show and it worked.   The second cake mimics a sand castle for a couple which had a beach theme running throughout their reception.

From these two casual and different cakes, I’ll turn to two rather elegant and more traditional cakes.  The first went to the serene and beautiful Estancia up in La Jolla.  The cake features molded fondant embellishments all around the cake and some oversized flowers.  The second is a chandelier drape we’ve done a few times before.  This time, however, the bride wanted crystals added strategically at different drop points on the design.  This cake went to the Abbey on 5th Avenue and just looked fantastic.

Next up is a simple but happy cake that went to the new Stone Brewing Restaurant at NTC in Point Loma.  If you haven’t been there, you sort of have to know where it is to get there as there’s essentially zero signage pointing the way.  When you finally figure out where it is, there’s just a little sandwich board on the sidewalk indicating that the restaurant is inside.  It’s almost like finding a speakeasy.  But once you’re in the place, it’s surprisingly massive.  One of the folks working there told me it’s the largest restaurant in San Diego by square footage.  And I can believe it.  These cakes were set up in a courtyard in the back of the restaurant.  The couple made a fun little lemon and lime bride and groom as a topper for the wedding cake.  The groom’s cake is a barbell “weighing” 71914 pounds — the wedding date.  We’ve already gotten a glowing 5 star yelp review on these cakes which we appreciate tremendously.

Next are three weddings which are rather traditional, but I think just looked great in their settings.  The first has a combination of a teal ribbon with orange tulips which was really striking.  This was in the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park.  It looked like the dinosaur was coming for the wedding cake!  Then there’s a very simple single swiss dot design with the very en vogue coral ribbon which went to Pioneer Park in Old Town.  Finally, there a cake buffet of simple designs at the shabby chic Bandy Canyon Ranch up in Escondido.  You can click on any of these images to see a larger version.


Next is a cute cake celebrating a couple’s anniversary.  We made the topper showing them in what is apparently a common situation — on the couch with he holding the TV remote and she holding a newspaper.  The design on the cake itself is based on the invitation to their anniversary party.

Here’s four random cakes from the last few weeks that are a little different from what we’ve done in the past.  The first two are for kids — one having a beach themed party with a  big beach ball on his cake.  The second was having a dinosaur theme for his 3rd birthday party.  Next is a gift box cake for an adult featuring a leopard print ribbon.  Finally, a cake for a label-conscious wife.  Last year we did a cake for her with flowers made from the Kate Spade logo.  This year we did a sailboard floating on a sea of LuLuLemon logos.



Well, that’s enough for this post.  Our new bigger walk-in is here and should be hooked up within the next week so we can expand our capacity a bit.  It’s a little nerve-wracking spending so much money on a capital improvement, but business is really great right now.  After 17 years, I’ve learned we need to capitalize on this time.  Bernie and I genuinely appreciate all the orders we get — whether it’s a $1000 wedding cake or a $30 birthday cake.  And we’re also extremely grateful for the daily business we get from so many folks for coffee, lattes, pastries and breakfast at both our locations.  Thanks for supporting Twiggs and reading the blog!





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