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Weekend Whimsy
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Weekend Whimsy


I love doing whimsical cakes here at Twiggs — cakes that make people smile or laugh when they see them.  As a general rule, the vast majority of whimsical cakes we do are for kids.  But occasionally we do some whimsical things for that generally non-whimsical populace commonly known as adults.  We were once again super busy this past weekend, having cut off orders about a week prior.  Working on a whimsical cake actually relieves the stress a little bit of pushing to get everything done.  So here’s a little bit of whimsy from this past weekend.

First up is Winnie the Pooh sitting in a “hunny” jar.  This cake actually was for a child — a one year old specifically.  The parents came by and initially wanted a flat 2-D Pooh.  We’d actually done one of these and after showing them the picture, they didn’t feel it was special enough (I tried not to be insulted).  They wanted a 3-D Pooh with a few other characters.  They were the last order I took before cutting off orders for the weekend.  I told them we’d have time for Pooh but wouldn’t have time for any other characters.  They talked me into a smash cake with a small 3D Tigger on top and I’m glad I agreed, though I did have “the wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things” stuck in my head for a day.  Dad and grandparents were all smiles when they picked up Pooh and Tigger.  (click on Tigger to see a larger image, if you’d like.


Now to the adult whimsy.  Ashley and Quinn have two tuxedo cats who they adore.  Quinn wanted to surprise Ashley on her birthday with two cartoonish cats playing on a ball of yarn.  I loved working on this cake, chuckling as the wide-eyed cats came together.


Finally, a whimsical bridal shower cake.  The bride and bridesmaids were going up to Temcula for a day of wine tasting.  The Maid of Honor wanted a cake with a bride celebrating her wedding haul with a glass of wine.  I’d gotten a new mold for human figures.  It took me a few times to figure out how to use them without producing freakish aliens, but I was happy with the final product. 


So that ends my whimsical post.  Now back to my generally non-whimsical adult responsibilities of planning for this coming weekend’s cakes.

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