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Where have I been?
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Where have I been?


Ok, it’s been quite a while since I made a blog post.  I knew it had been a while, but I was a little stunned to see the last post was about a year and 4 months ago.  Who knows where the time goes?  I have to admit, I grew a little enamored of Instagram once I finally discovered that.  It seemed to be the new thing with blogs becoming passe and somewhat quaint.  But my staff has convinced me I need to get back to this so our website doesn’t make it look like we’re not doing anything any more.  So I’ll do a series of post looking back on last year and some of the great cakes we did while we’re in this slight lull period before things get super busy again.

“Naked” cakes, cakes with no or minimal frosting on the outside, have become extremely popular in last year’s uber popular rustic wedding cake trend.  We delivered this stunner (yes, I’m blowing our own horn.  It’s our blog, what do you expect) to the Abbey back in December.  The fresh berries and powdered sugar really made set this naked cake apart from the naked pack.

Towards the end of last year there was a very minor uptick in interest in old school wedding cakes — cakes that would have looked at home at a wedding in 1960.  By “old school,” I mean cakes with a lot of designs done with buttercream piping.  Honestly, piping skills are really becoming something of a lost art as there’s so much focus these days on rustic textured cakes or the uber modern look of essentially wallpapering cakes.  But I do enjoy a good piping challenge.  Here’s a retro look that went to the elegant US Grant in November.  One of the brides even brought in Wilton cake decorating books from the 60’s to show the look that she wanted.  The ivory on white piping updated the look slightly.  She was thrilled and sent an extremely nice thank you note following the wedding.

Here’s some more great cakes we did in the latter part of last year.  Top row is a beautiful blue cake with random dragees, a cake with exquisite gumpaste cherry blossoms and a very modern take on navy chevrons and metallic gold.  Second row is a very cool seashell cake with a modern coral design and an uber modern cake with wafer flowers.  Last is a very cool cake with ruffled bells on the top and bottom.

This last cake is one of my favorites from last year.  This cake is a particular favorite of mine because it went to a couple who both have MS and met on-line in an MS support group forum.  Her mom planned the whole wedding and was thrilled her daughter had found someone, something she didn’t think was possible.  There’s someone for everyone.  Ain’t love grand?


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