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A mellow weekend
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A mellow weekend

Custom Cakes

This past weekend was a bit mellow here at Twiggs.   We had a solid set of orders, but nothing crazy, so we all got to work at a somewhat relaxed pace.  Our breakfast which has been super busy on weekends, ended up being extremely mellow on Sunday.  With the time change (spring forward!) I think a lot of our regulars ended up sleeping in.   But we’re back to super busy this coming weekend.  But before I get back to tackling those orders, here’s a recap of what went down last week.

Cake Buffets are becoming an increasingly popular option for weddings.  Rather than get a single tiered wedding cake, the couple get several single tier cakes with various flavors and create a “cake buffet.”  This allows guests to choose from multiple flavors and it creates a unique display.  Also really in this year is “vintage.”  We have so many brides coming in for tastings right now who mention terms like “vintage” and “shabby chic” to describe the look they want for their weddings.  This past weekend we did a wedding which combined both of these trends — a cake buffet with a vintage, ‘shabby chic” feel.  This wedding was at the Ultimate Skybox downtown — a venue that’s just chic, nothing shabby about it.  It’s one of my favorite venues.  But this wedding featured 5 different cakes, all in white with relatively simple designs – all in that vintage aesthetic.

Next, we did a little bit of a rush order on a 3-D Paint Can.  Normally, someone needs to put an order for something like this weeks in advance.  But because it happened to be a mellow week, we took this on with three days notice.  This was a corporate order and had the logo of the company at the top of the paint can.  I thought the cake was fun and the customer was very happy when she picked it up.

I’ve done a few posts in the past talking about gender reveal cakes, which are super popular now.  The expectant mom brings in her ultrasound results in a sealed envelope which say whether they’re having a girl or a boy.  We open the envelope out of mom’s eyes and either bake a pink or blue cake and frost it in all white to hide the cake color.  Then the couple hold a party and when they cut into the cake, everyone finds out at the same time what the sex of their baby is.  I think it’s a very fun way for the couple and their friends and family to celebrate together.   Amanda came in last week extremely excited about her pregnancy.  She was one of those customers you need to reign in a little bit with all the decorating requests they have to keep the cake from being completely over the top with design elements.  But the cake came out very cute and she was thrilled when she picked it up.  Since the party was last Saturday, I can reveal to the world that Amanda will be having a little boy.  We also did a baby shower cake of a design we’ve done several times before.  The cakes are below.  Click on either image to see a larger one.


Here are some more of the special orders we did this past weekend – a Ninjago and a “little monkey” cake along with a smash cake for two kids, a cake with a racing bib for a runner who just completed a big milestone race, a cake for a budding diva and a very yellow cake for a Sweet 16 party.  You can click on any image to see a larger version.



So that’s it for last week.  I guess we weren’t *that* slow after all.  But this coming weekend, we’re screamingly busy.  We actually cut off taking any more special orders on Monday.  So next week I should have a lot to report from Twiggs Bakery.  Thanks for keeping us so busy.  Bernie, I and our staff truly appreciate your keeping us all viably employed — especially doing such fun things.


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