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A South Carolina Wedding
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A South Carolina Wedding

Wedding Cake

Krystal came to the Twiggs booth at a bridal show back in July and fell in love with our white velvet cake.  She was providing the cake for her sister’s wedding and wanted to get it from Twiggs.  Great!  One little issue . . . the wedding was on the beach in South Carolina.  I initially told her to forget it because we don’t ship our cakes.  She said she would take them as carry-on luggage.  I thought she was nuts, but she was determined. 

I told her she’d have to get a fondant covered cake for that sort of travel.  We reinforced our boxes with cardboard and packed the two tier cake for 50 in two separate boxes.  She’d need to unpack the boxes and stack the cake when she got to South Carolina.  Here’s the e-mail I got from Krystal along with a picture of the cake.

that cake was wonderful from the first time we tried it.  It was a great trip! Everyone from Restaurant staffs to flight attendants and hotel workers were super supportive. 
I didn’t have to open the cakes at the airport though everyone was interested to know where it was going and what it was. i was a little nervous about the plane because I wasn’t able to change my flight and I wasn’t sure if it would be ok for the length of the entire trip (15 hours). On the first flight, the flight attendants gave my dry ice to put between the boxes and a great place to store them (in first class).  While at my layover (3 hours), I was able to put the cakes in the walk-in of an airport restaurant. The final flight, I just put it over-heard.  When i got my car rental I checked to make sure they were ok. I just had to adjust them a little bit from the movement on the planes.  I drove the whole way from Charlotte to Myrtle beach with the air conditioner on about 60.  I was cold but the cakes were perfect.  it was too hot and muggy outside to ride with the windows down anyway. As soon as I got to the hotel, they knew I was coming so I just rewrapped the boxes and carefully placed them in the walk-in until the reception. It was nerve wracking because Delta can sometimes be a pain when it comes to customer service. But God really helped out, because practically everyone was so accommodating.  I carried on all my luggage, but on the last flight I had to check my bag because the flight attendants counted the cake as a carry on. It was fun to travel with the cake but hopefully I wont’ have to do it again. Thank you so much for the awesome cake.  It was enjoyed by everyone.


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