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Another Busy Weekend
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Another Busy Weekend

Custom Cakes

The post below this one talks about two weddings we did this past weekend at Twiggs that went to the Estancia in La Jolla.  In this post, I’ll recap some other cakes we did this past weekend — another super busy weekend that was a push to get it all done.

Andrea was getting married and having her reception at the Skybox next to Petco Park.  Andrea had booked her cake with Twiggs but then wanted to meet with me personally to discuss the design (I generally don’t meet with folks during the tasting.  My partner Bernie and our assistant Nima are both far more charming than me in real life).  Once a cake is sold, I enjoy meeting with folks to discuss design options — I just don’t enjoy the sales aspect of meeting with people.  Andrea and her mom were all about glitz and glam.  Andrea was using peacock feathers throughout the reception and wanted to incorporate that into the cake, though she didn’t want actual peacock feathers on the cake.  They had an inspiration picture where someone had piped a peacock feather with buttercream on to a cake.  I thought it looked okay, but would look much better done in fondant.  Andrea’s main color for the wedding was silver, so I suggested a white cake with the fondant peacock feather brushed wtih metallic silver lustre dust.  She asked me how I thought that would look.  I told her the cake wouldn’t look like anyone else’s wedding cake and would scream “Look at Me!” from across the room.  She got a huge smile and I knew I was going to be painting a fondant peacock feather with silver lustre dust.  I thought the cake looked great.  It’s certainly not a look for everyone, but I think it suited Andrea perfectly, which is what it’s all about.


Increasingly cake buffets are becoming popular alternatives to a single tiered wedding cake.  We’ve probably done 10 cake buffets this year for various weddings.  This buffet went to the Park Manor Suites.  It was a bittersweet delivery for me as it was the last wedding for long time wedding / event manager Jim Harmon.  Jim has resigned and is moving to Thailand.  Jim’s been a great, great friend to Twiggs — even telling some couples to cancel their cakes at other bakeries and book with us.  Jim’s something of a live wire.  I’ll miss him.  But for his final Park Manor wedding,  there were five cakes with five all white designs.  The simplicity of the cakes were balanced by a gorgeous backdrop of orange fans.  It really was one of the prettiest settings I’ve seen for any wedding cake — single tiered cake or cake buffet.


Next up is a birthday cake for a very cute little girl named Seven.  Her dad is a big Star Trek fan and named her after the character Seven of Nine.  I’ve done Seven’s 5th, 6th and now 7th birthdays.  Seven’s parents are the type that make a big deal out of their kid’s birthday.  The theme this year was “Barbie Goes to Paris.”  Mom wanted a somewhat sophsiticated tiered cake (as sophisticated as kid’s cakes get) with a Parisian feel.  The top tier was Barbie in a cake dress.  I modeled the dress on one of Seven’s favorite Barbie outfits.  The picture isn’t the greatest as I forgot my camera and had to take a picture with my cell phone.  But it gives you an idea, at least.



Now a few more highlights from this past weekend.  There’s a great Little Mermaid Cake that Emily did a fantastic job on making the three characters — Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder.  Emily also did an incredible job on a trio of pandas that was just over the top cute.  Then there’s a small cake inspired by the musical “Wicked” that a guy ordered as a surprise for his partner who’s apparently obsessed the musical.  Then there’s a cake featuring Thomas the Train that Lydia, one of our newest additions to the Twiggs staff, did.  She did a fantastic job and has proven herself to be a tremendous asset.  Finally, a cake for a 10 year old St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan.  His mom told me the cake was “adequate.”  That reaction set off a running joke in the bakery for the rest of the weekend.  “How’s the Little Mermaid look to you?”  “It’s adequate.”   Oh well.  You can click on any image to see a larger version.



 Thanks for reading and thanks for keeping us so busy.  I’m extremely grateful for how busy we are now and how well we’re doing.  Thanks!


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