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Custom Cakes

I’m a little late getting this weekly update out and it’s another busy week here at Twiggs Bakery, so this will be a little brief.  We’re a small shop and the main thing that limits how many wedding cakes we can do is the delivery of them.  Of course, space, staffing and time are big limiting factors as well.  But when there’s just 3 or so people doing deliveries and essentially everyone’s wedding cake on Saturday gets delivered around 4pm, we’re limited on how many wedding cakes we can do simply because we don’t have the staff and delivery vehicles to ensure everyone’s cake gets to their reception on time.  I’m proud to say in 15 years, we’ve only delivered one cake late to the wedding — and that was because they moved the wedding time up and didn’t notify us, so I really didn’t feel responsible for that one. 

I often have a tight delivery schedule on Saturdays and it’s important to work efficiently in setting up a cake so you can get on to the next delivery.  Occasionally, there will be a delivery when nothing is ready when you get there and you have to wait around for someone to locate the cake table, set it up, go find the linens for the cake table, etc.  It can get frustrating when you have another cake waiting in the delivery van for it’s delivery.  So when I get in that situation, I’m a little torn.  I don’t want to be a jerk and demand that the cake table get set up immediately because 1- I don’t want to be a jerk and 2- I work with a lot of the same people / companies at different weddings and I don’t want to get a reputation as jerk and have folks stop referring Twiggs because they don’t enjoy working with me.  On the other hand, I have a responsibility to the couple whose cake is waiting in the van to get their cake to their reception on time.  It’s not fair to them to have a late delivery due to another wedding’s issues.

I had one of those deliveries this weekend where I had to say to the coordinator, “look, I don’t want to be a jerk, but I can’t stand around for 45 minutes.  I’ve got another delivery.”  So she rushed around and I ended up leaving that delivery about 30 minutes after I anticipated but it all worked out okay.  I got to the last delivery about 10 minutes late, but it was still 50 minutes before the reception started, so it was all good.

So here’s Joyce and Devin’s wedding cake that went to the San Diego Museum of Art.  The cake was set up at the top of the stair case leading up from the rotunda.  I’m not sure anyone at the wedding got closer than 50 feet to the cake, as you had to walk up two flights of stairs to see it, but it was a dramatic settting.  We also did their groom’s cake for the rehearsal dinner the day before.  This cake went to Stone Brewing up in Escondido, a great outdoor setting.  Devin’s from Texas, graduated from Notre Dame and adores their two bulldogs.  That explains the groom’s cake.

Lindsey got married at the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot.  The Bayview Room there is really one of the nicest military facitilites in the county.  It has a great situation sitting right on the bay in a lovely landscaped setting.  Lindsey wanted a topper of her and her fiance sitting in a hammock and was very particular about what she wanted included.  Doing lifelike models isn’t my forte or anyone on my current staff.  However, one of my former employees, Jen, was an art major in college.  She’d left us when she and her husband moved to Minneapolis to be closer to her family and raise their own family.  I contacted Jen and she was happy to get  a break from raising two small children to work on the topper.  She really did a fantastic job — down to the Charger’s bolt on his shorts and the tiny Corona beer bottles in the sand.  I thought the cake looked great.

Here are a few more cakes we did this past weekend at Twiggs — a replica of an XBox that we’ve done a few times before, but this one in black,  a 50th Birthday cake that was to be “masculine” and a small wedding cake with a star lattice design that was going to be picked up.  You can click on any image to see a larger version.


So we’ve got another sold-out busy weekend ahead.  Just a reminder, we’re selling out further and further in advance these days.  We’re about sold out for all of October right now, so the sooner you can get your request in, the more likely we can do what you envision.  Thanks as always for keeping us so busy.  I’m very grateful for the business we have.

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