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Doing Deliveries with Car Trouble
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Doing Deliveries with Car Trouble

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I had 5 deliveries last Saturday for Twiggs and the second worst nightmare for cake deliveries happened — the van I was driving broke down.  (The worst nightmare is something happening to the cake itself — dropping it, etc).  There were two very fortunate things about this breakdown — actually three.  The first was that it broke down as I was pulling into the parking lot where the delivery was going — so the cake got delivered on time, no problem.  The second fortunate thing is that this was a 12:30 delivery and my next delivery wasn’t until 3, so I had basically 2 hours to get the van towed and get myself back to the bakery to do the next deliveries in our other van.  The final fortunate thing is that it was only the alternator that had died.  So it was an easy fix that got completed in a few hours on Monday and didn’t cost a fortune (thank you, Smitty’s! — the most honest and reasonable auto repair place ever!)   The unfortunate thing (besides the actual breakdown) is that I was in Coronado Cays when it happened.  Actually, now that I think about it, that could be viewed as a fortunate thing as well.  That’s a pretty nice place to cool your heels while waiting for a tow truck.  So, anyway, long story short — I got back to Twiggs in the nick of time and the three final deliveries of the day went smoothly with all cakes getting delivered on time.  Whew!  So here’s the cake that broke down the vehicle.  I should give a shout-out to the family hosting this baby shower as they were very gracious in letting me use their cell phones multiple times (of all the times to forget my cell phone!) and even let me have some bottled water they’d bought for the shower.  They seemed genuinely concerned about my predicament and I’m grateful for their kindness.  Fortunately, they absolutely loved the cake.  It would have totally sucked to be stuck there with a customer who was unhappy!   The future grandmother who’d ordered the cake returned our cake stand on Monday and just raved about the taste of the cake, which is always nice to hear.

So here’s the first cake that got delivered post breakdown.  Jess and Brian got married at the lovely Darlington House in La Jolla.  The home has a wonderful courtyard and garden which is beautifully maintained with lots of privacy.  Jess fell in love with the hobnail design wedding cake which we did last year, ironically enough for another wedding at the Darlington House.  So she got that along with some mini-cupcakes.  The design is beyond tedious to do — you just go cross eyed making all those small dots — but it is beautiful.

The final cake I delivered was for Juana and Jorge who had their reception in her parents’ backyard.  I really like at-home receptions because they become so much more personal than most.  But there’s a whole host of issues that can arise for a site not really designed for a large catered event.  Juana’s parents’ backyard sloped down and then dropped into a canyon.  It’s great backing onto a canyon, but having tables sitting at a downhill slant — including the cake table — can be problematic.  When I got there we moved the table to a flatter space so the cake wouldn’t look like the leaning Tower of Pisa.  I’ve learned that if the table is slanted, of course the cake will be slanted.  But no one seems to notice that the table is slanted so it just looks like you’ve set up a lopsided cake, even though you haven’t.  So when I get to a place that has a slanted table, I really do everything I can to get the table as flat as possible — because I know I’m going to be blamed (and probably dinged in some yelp review) for delivering a slanted cake if I don’t.  It took some maneuvering, but things worked out and I thought the cake was beautiful.

Emily did a very cute couple of cakes for Xavier who’s mom had chosen a circus theme for his 1st birthday.  And Emily was the savior on a First Communion Cake with a Cinco de Mayo theme.  I was going to finish this cake, but with the car breakdown I had to get Emily to take it over.  The design is taken from the invitation to the party.  Emily just did a fantastic job — particularly with no notice.  The cake just looked great — and very much like the invitation.

Finally, a cake for a new grad of Point Loma Nazarene.  Congratulations Nicole!  Write when you get work!

Well, that’s the highlights from this past week.  We’ve got a steady weekend coming up — particularly with Mother’s Day on Sunday.  We’re doing some special cakes for Mother’s Day, so if your mom is alive and well and living in San Diego, show her how much you love her with a cake from Twiggs!   We’ll love you for loving your mother.   It will just be a big unconditional love fest, which is what Mother’s Day is all about.  My mom isn’t in her physical body any longer, but I’m grateful I had as long with her as I did.  And I’m grateful for all the moms out there who love their kids enough to get cakes from Twiggs!  Thanks for reading the blog.  And if you’re a mom — Happy Mother’s Day!


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