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Elegance, Retro and Surfing Dogs
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Elegance, Retro and Surfing Dogs

Custom Cakes

We had a really fun weekend this past weekend at Twiggs Bakery doing a variety of cakes.  There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get right to it.  Jennifer tasted our cakes at the Admiral Kidd catering fair and she was hooked.  She came in to do a booking, not a tasting, and had a picture of what she wanted.  So many weddings in San Diego are casual affairs but Jennifer wanted a very formal cake.  We did a three tier ivory fondant covered cake with fondant roses, buttons and ribbons.  When the cake was finished, I sprayed the cake lightly with a pearl sheen which made the whole cake glimmer.  Her fiance is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan so she also wanted a groom’s cake with a Steeler’s logo — something that’s a far cry from formal and elegant.  I hate when groom’s cakes — particularly sports team cakes — are placed on the same table next to the wedding cake because they’re such a huge distraction to the wedding cake.  The wedding cake is generally white and the groom’s cake is some bold team colors and your eye just goes to the colorful thing on the table, i.e. the groom’s cake.  When I got to the Admiral Kidd the aunt who was running the show initially told me to place the groom’s cake next to the wedding cake.  I inwardly groaned.  I looked around the room and, lo and behold, there was a table across the way filled with Pittsburgh Steeler paraphenalia — jerseys, coolers, towels, flags, foam fingers, etc.  I said “don’t you want to put the groom’s cake on the Steelers’ table?  It will be right at home over there!” and the aunt happily agreed.  So here they are.  You can click on the Steeler’s cake to see a larger image.


Juliet and Evan had their wedding reception at Corvette Diner in Liberty Station.  It’s an unorthodox choice for a wedding reception, but a fun one (and I imagine an economical one compared to many places).  If you’ve never been to Corvette Diner, then you’ve never had children under 10 or visiting relatives with children under 10.  It’s a family restaurant with a retro 50’s soda shop theme and waitresses with beehive hairdos.   Juliet and Evan picked a retro 50’s design with loops and bright yellow flowers.  The cake looked great on it’s own.  And it really looked at home in the bright, happy retro 50’s environment of Corvette Diner.


Amanda and Chris had booked their wedding cake with Twiggs and then Amanda called about a month before the wedding and wanted to talk about a groom’s cake for the rehearsal dinner the night before.  The groom’s cake was a surprise and she wanted to somehow incorporate the two things Chris loved the most besides her — surfing and their dog, Kingston. And she wanted it made out of brownies, not cake because Chris loved brownies.  She asked my thoughts on what we could do, so I suggested the obvious — Kingston riding a surboard on an ocean of brownie.  Amanda sent us several photos of Kingston and I farmed out making the dog to our former lead decorator Jen, now a stay at home mom and she just did an incredible job.  When Amanda first saw the brownie/cake, her jaw dropped and she stared at it speechless for a few moments.  I think it far exceeded her expectations and I know she was thrilled with it.  So here’s Kingston hanging ten along with a picture of their wedding cake the next day that went to the lovely Darlington House in La Jolla.


Judy was remarried 10 years ago and I understand her wedding cake was a disaster — falling apart prior to the reception.  I’ll quickly add that Twiggs did not do that cake.  She said it took more than 5 years for her to hear the term “Wedding Cake” without shuddering.  But she and her husband were going to celebrate their 10th anniversary and she decided to chance another cake.  As an older client, I admit I expected Judy to pick a very traditional and “safe” cake, but she surprised me by picking a very contemporary design.  So here’s Judy’s 10th Anniversary cake:

We did two blue cakes with white rope and sea shells — a very popular design in a beach community like ours.  One cake was blue fondant with white chocolate seashells and the other was blue buttercream with white fondant seashells.  I think it’s interesting to see them side by side as a comparison of a fondant vs. a buttercream cake with the same design.  The fondant is on the left and the buttercram is on the right.  Click on either image to see a larger version


Finally, a few more fun cakes we did.  First up are two baby shower cakes.  The first is a little baby in a pumpkin patch and the second is for a set of twins.  For the twins cake, we were just told to have giraffes and elephants and “make it cute.”    Next is a rehearsal dinner cake for Susan and Randy, both SDSU grands then a birthday cake for a little guy who loves the game Minecraft.  Click on any image to see a larger version.




So that’s it for this past weekend.  We have yet another busy week ahead, including four huge cookie and morning pastry orders for Our Lady of Peace, the Catholic Girl’s School just a couple of blocks from us.  So I’m off to bake 70 dozen cookies for tomorrow!   As always, I’m grateful to all of you who celebrate the times of your lives with Twiggs.  Thanks for reading!




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