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From Paris to LA
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From Paris to LA

Custom Cakes

I didn’t get to a Twiggs blog post last week as I just couldn’t find the time.  We had 9 weddings and about 25 other orders including Mother’s Day cakes so I was busting it to get everything done and delivered.  Overall, things went great and I was impressed with us!  The recession seems to have ended in a big way for San Diego or at least for us.  After what we and every food business went through a couple of years ago, I’m extremely grateful for the volume of business we have now.

I did a recent blog post about the “weekend of unusual wedding cakes.”  I could almost title this past weekend the “weekend of  minimalist wedding cakes.”  Almost every wedding had little to no design on the cake with fresh flowers being the main decoration.   Those are easy cakes for us to get done as the time spent frosting the cakes is minimal, which is the main reason we were able to do 9 weddings.  But we had a couple of unique cakes this weekend. 

Bernadette and Michael were having their reception at the Ultimate Skybox next to Petco Park.  I’ve written a blog post specifically about the Skybox as a venue;  it’s a great one (the venue, that is — not my blog post).  Bernadette had an inspiration picture of a cake that had an Eiffel Tower painted on the cake in a very rough, casual way.  I’m no painter, but I can certainly replicate that rough, quickly drawn feel.  It’s a little daunting to put brush to cake, as once it’s on, it’s on.  But it turned out pretty cool and was certainly unique.


Blake and Frankie got married at the Dana in Mission Beach — another great, contemporary venue.  Frankie’s a huge Los Angeles Dodgers fan, so Blake wanted to surprise him with some sort of Dodgers’ themed groom’s cake.  I gave her a few options  including a logo on top of a round cake and a 2-D Dodger jersey.  The most expensive option was a 3-D replica of Dodger stadium.  Blake immediately fell in love with that idea after seeing the Ohio State Stadium replica we did.  We had so many weddings booked for that day, I told Blake I needed to think about whether I could sign us up for that project.  After looking over the bookings and seeing how simple most of the cakes would be to decorate, my main assistant Emily and I agreed we could do it.  This was Emily’s project and she did a great job.   I talked to the coordinator and she reports that Blake was happy with the cake and Frankie was quite surprised.  It had to be a real conversation piece at the wedding.

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