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Guns N Rosaries
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Guns N Rosaries

Custom Cakes

Last weekend was definitely a slower weekend for us here at Twiggs Bakery.  Fortunately our breakfast / coffeehouse business was booming at both our locations.  Still, even with a slower weekend, we had a lot of interesting orders to work on.  Actually, looking at what we did this past weekend, it’s still about 3 times the amount of orders we were doing three years ago, so everything’s relative. 

We ended up with four wedding cakes last weekend.  We’ve really been on a damask roll.  Here’s a cake very similar to one we did the weekend before.  This cake was for Sandra and Mike who had their reception at the Police Officer’s Association Club.

Next up is Jennifer and Leslie’s classic buttercream wedding cake.  When they first stated dating, they bonded over Guitar Hero III, so they got a groom’s cake with the Guitar Hero III logo.  These were delivered to the Emerald Yacht run by Hornblower Cruises.

Last weekend we had one of the strangest decorating requests I’ve ever had.  Apparently the birthday boy (man, actually) has an obsession with guns and is a devout Catholic.  So the person who ordered the cake wanted an AK-47 on the cake along with the rosary and some $100 bills.  I asked about three times for clarification — “so you want an assault rifle AND the rosary on the cake?  Okay.  And you’re talking about the rosary that’s used in the Catholic church, right?”  After a few clarifications, I decided I should stop asking questions.  I did hear back that the guy loved his cake.  Whew. 

People often order duplicates of cakes they see on this website.  About a month ago, we did a groom’s cake that was in the shape of Texas and had the Notre Dame logo on top along with two bulldogs.  A woman saw that cake and ordered the exact same thing, but with two labs instead.  I could believe someone wanted a cake in the shape of Texas again with their dogs on top.  But it seemed odd that both orders wanted the Notre Dame emblem as well.    We also did a replicate of a Nintendo NES gaming console, a cake loaded with MAC cosmetics, a cake with the Channel logo and one with Groucho glasses, moustache and bow tie.  Finally, there’s a 30th birthday cake and a classic four tier triple swiss dot wedding cake.  All are below in smaller images.  Click on any image to see a larger version.




So that’s it for another week at Twiggs Bakery.  Looking back, I guess we were pretty busy after all.  We’ve got another steady but not crazy weekend coming up.  I’ll give another update next week.  And start getting those Thanksgiving orders in!  Thanks again for reading the blog and keeping up viably employed.  I’m extremely grateful for the volume of business we have.   Thanks!



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