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Halloween Weddings
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Halloween Weddings


One of my favorite things about doing wedding cakes at Twiggs is the variety of people you meet.  Some women have been dreaming of the perfect Martha Stewart wedding since they were 5 years old.  Others want something casual and fun.    After doing this over 17 years, I’ve really reached a point where practically nothing surprises me.  It’s the couple’s wedding, not mine.  I’m just there to help them fulfill their vision.

Every year we do at least one Halloween wedding.  For me personally, getting married on Halloween in full costume wouldn’t be my choice.   But again, it’s not my wedding and it does seem like a very fun thing to do if you really get into it.  This year we did two weddings for Halloween and both brides were really into it.

Brenda and Glen got married at the Abbey.  I wrote a blog post earlier specifically about the Abbey as a venue.  For Halloween, I don’t know a better choice.  With it’s dark interior with no real natural light, it really is perfectly suited for a Haunted House theme.  I’ve delivered a wedding cake to the Abbey practically every Halloween for the last 10 years or so.  With no offense to any prior bride, I have to say Brenda wins for best Halloween makeover at the Abbey.  The back drop for her wedding was a haunted house while ghosts and pumpkins filled the upper balcony.  Brenda was one of those brides who had a very clear vision of what she wanted her cake to look like and was very specific with her instructions.  She wanted an eggplant colored cake, black thorny branches, black and orange roses and tombstones with various inscriptions she’d come up with.  Then she had a huge meat cleaver to use as their cake cutting knife!   So here it is.


Next, Kathy was having a very casual Halloween wedding with a Day of the Dead theme.  Her first wedding had been a 400 person over the top affair that apparently she didn’t have a lot of input in planning.  She was determined that this wedding would be done her way and it certainly was.  Kathy wanted 4 cakes with a Day of the Dead theme.  She wanted one cake to be for her “Bad Ass Motorcyle Guy” finance (her words, not mine), one with a clear Day of the Dead theme and two slightly more traditional with Day of the Dead bride and grooms she’d purchased.  She wanted the main colors to be black, red and white and wanted all the cakes to coordinate.  But that was really all the direction she gave.  She really gave me a lot of freedom to come up with the designs myself . . . my favorite kind of bride.  When I delivered the cakes, she greeted me at the door in Day of the Dead white face which perfectly matched the skulls on the Day of the Dead cake we’d done.  I knew we were on the same page.  She absolutely loved her cakes.  So here they are.  Click on each image to see a larger version:




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