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Joy in small things
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Joy in small things

Custom Cakes

We often find ourselves in the knock-off business here at Twiggs Bakery.  95% of customers buy what they can see.  They either see a picture on our website that they want duplicated, possibly with some small changes, or they e-mail us a picture of a cake they saw on some other website.  I completely understand people wanting to know what they’re getting and we’re happy to duplicate things we’ve done in the past or someone else’s design (good thing we are, otherwise we’d have almost no work).  But it’s the most fun when someone asks us to come up with an original design.  I’ve done many original wedding cake designs based on invitations or something else.  Those are bigger orders.  But last week I got to do something original on two small cakes — both rather whimsical, my favorite kind of cakes to design and decorate.  Amanda called and wanted a birthday cake for her boyfriend, Jason.  She was a little lost on what to put on the cake.  We chatted for a few minutes as I asked about his hobbies, etc.  Then she said he loved gummy bears and beef jerky.  In fact, her birthday gift to him was a year’s supply of gummy bears and beef jerky.  So I said, “what about a gummy bear eating a piece of beef jerky?”  She loved the idea and loved the cake when she picked it up.  Meredith called from Chicago wanting to get a small baby shower cake for a “virtual baby shower” principally being held in San Diego but with others Skype-ing in from other parts of the country.  She said it was an Indian themed shower and she wanted an elephant on top.  So I came up with an Indian Elephant mom with her child with Indian inspired colors and design around the side.  I thought it was super cute and Meredith e-mailed later to tell me the cake was a huge hit.  So here they are.  They’re small cakes, but they brought me and the folks who bought them a lot of joy.  You can click on either image to see a bigger version.


Now to the knock-offs and repeats.  We had four weddings this past week.  Holly and Omri got married last weekend at the Hidden Valley Ranch midway between Escondido and Valley Center.  It’s a pretty isolated spot — you definitely have privacy for your wedding at this place.  I imagine it gets quite toasty there in the summer, but for their early March wedding, the weather was great.  They got an extremely colorful cake with multitudes of multi-color dots.  I realized when I delivered the cake that the dots probably were meant to represent Pez as they had two very cute Bride and Groom Pez dispensers which were the topper for the cake.

Bridget and Greg got married at the Coronado Yacht Club and got a much more traditional wedding cake.  The stylized wave design is pretty popular for a beach town like San Diego and we had made the red roses.  The one unique aspect was the topper that we made based on a heart design on their invitation.  And speaking of handmade red roses, we also made some for Michelle and Nick’s wedding at the Oceanview Room on the Point Loma Sub Base.  They had another classic fondant drape design.  Here are their cakes.  You can click on either image to see a larger version.


Nuri was turning 2 and his mom wanted to get a 2 tier Mickey’s Playhouse cake.  To keep costs down, she provided the Disney figures.

Besides the Indian themed baby shower discussed above, we had a couple of other baby shower cakes this past weekend.  One was for an expectant mom who didn’t know whether she was having a boy or girl and wanted a chocolate covered cake.  So we made a chocolate onesie with gender neutral green and yellow detailing.  I got a very nice note from the woman who ordered the cake raving about it after the party.  Then we made another Baby Bottom cake which have become frighteningly popular.  Honestly, this design disturbs me a bit — it’s like the baby is buried in the cake.  Plus I just imagine someone cutting the cake and asking “Who wants a piece of butt?”  Perhaps I should just keep my reservations to myself, smile and take people’s money for doing this design yet again.  We also had a fun little cake for Maysen turning 1.  His mom wanted the top of the cake decorated like a pepperoni pizza.  I ended up cutting his name out of the pepperoni inspired fondant.  Lastly, Gabriel got a 3-D replica of a Nintendo Gameboy.   You can click on any image to see a larger version.



Well, that’s the highlights from last week.   Another highlight was how incredibly busy both our shops were last weekend with folks getting coffee, breakfast, pastries, lunch or just hanging out.  We had great weekends at both Twiggs locations, on top of the bakery sales.   So thanks to all who support our business with any purchase — cake, breakfast, latte, or sandwich.  We’re truly grateful for your business.   Thanks!!




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