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Mid October Update
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Mid October Update

Custom Cakes

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men . . .   Once again, we’ve been so busy here at Twiggs that I just haven’t found time for a blog update in the past month.  I’ve got a few minutes now, so I’ll highlight some of the great cakes we’ve done over the past month.  We’ve done some gorgeous wedding cakes over the past month.  The first two I’ll highlight have bands of fondant on top of buttercream frosted cakes.  The first up is an elegant cake that went to the elegant Estancia in La Jolla.  The bands of fondant on this cake have been brushed with a metallic gold lustre dust.  It really makes a striking look.   The second cake has fondant bands that criss cross rather than the meticulous horizontal alignment of the first cake.  Both cakes have a cluster of flowers in the center of the cake rather than the top, which makes for a very “now” look.


When we first put the fondant ruffle cake design below (in all white) on our website and in our book of pictures we use at tastings, we had a ton of interest in it and booked several weddings with this design.  A trend that’s really starting to become apparent is the use of ombre — the gradual change in the light shade of a color to a darker shade.   The cake below is the first to combine these two — fondant ruffles done in a blue ombre.  The groom was in the room when I was setting the cake up and told me the cake would make his soon-to-be wife cry — it was exactly what she wanted.  I told him that as long as they were tears of happiness, I’m ok with making  woman cry on her wedding day.

Finally, I’ll highlight a simple cake.  Honestly, the decoration isn’t complicated or that impressive from a technical standpoint.  But it was for a wedding on the beach at the Hotel Del, so a casual cake was quite appropriate.  I thought the cake looked great in it’s beach setting.

Guy has been a regular customer for years at our Park Boulevard location and actually lives just a block away from Bernie and me.  Guy got married a few weeks ago up in Temecula and got a groom’s cake from us.  He’s a big Daft Punk fan and wanted a 3D recreation of the helmet the duo wear during performances.  I have to admit, I’m no Daft Punk fan — “Get Lucky”, their current single that’s ubiquitous on the radio now, drives me crazy.  But I’m a big Guy fan, so I was happy to part of his big day in a very small way.  Guy was really happy with the cake when he picked it up on his way to Temecula.

When I was a kid, I was a big Madeline and Babar fan, so now I have a soft spot for any kid infatuated with Paris and France.   At 16, I’m sure Elena no longer considers herself a “kid” and I’m not sure what her fascination or connection to Paris is, but she’s okay in my book.  Emily just did a fantastic job on this 3D Eiffel Tower.

Finally, I’ll show a kid’s cake with a turtle on top for the one year old with an eye for contemporary design, a rather large 2D Minion. a 50’s retro design for the martini lover and a quite striking cake with a sunflower design.  You can click on any image to see a larger version.




There are a lot more great pics that I’ll upload to our on-line galleries, but I’ll close out the blog post now.   We’re still booking up 3-4 weeks in advance now, so plan ahead if you want us to do a specially designed cake.  We’ve also started doing pies — pumpkin and chocolate pecan right now with apple to follow in a week or so.  And we’re starting to put out our winter / holiday loaves — Cranberry Orange Bread and Pumpkin Raisin Bread.  It’s hard to believe the holidays are upon us already.  Life is going by too quickly.

Thanks for reading this and thanks for continuing to make Twiggs so successful.  Having been through lean times, I’m extremely grateful for the good times now.

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