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Oceanview Room, Pt. Loma Sub Base
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Oceanview Room, Pt. Loma Sub Base


San Diego is a real military town and there are several military bases that have wedding venues on them.  To be able to use one of these venues, you either have to be in the military or have someone who is / was in the military sponsor you.  As I understand it, these venues are significantly less expensive than most venues which is one of their main appeals.  All the venues have something to recommend them and something you might have to compromise on in going with that particular venue.  I plan to eventually blog on all the major military venues, but today I’ll talk about the Oceanview Room at the Point Loma Sub Base.

The sub base is at the end of Point Loma on the east side.  The Oceanview room is at the end of the base — you can look up and see the Pt. Loma lighthouse and look out towards the opening of the San Diego Bay and onto the Pacific Ocean.  Honestly, the room itself isn’t anything to get too excited about, though when I delivered there last weekend, the whole building was undergoing renovations except for the Oceanview Room itself.  Perhaps the Oceanview Room is in store for some renovations, but I don’t know.  It really doesn’t matter.  The reason people want to book this venue is not the room itself, but a fantastic deck right on the bay/ocean.  The deck was redone a couple of years ago and is quite spacious.  Most weddings I deliver to there have all the tables set up on the deck — the room itself is merely used as a buffet station for guests to get their food and then go back to the deck.  There’s also a nice lawn area beside the deck where most couples get married prior to the reception.  Of course, with a winter wedding, you’ll be inside the room itself, but you’ll still have a great view of the ocean.   Of all the military venues, this has the best ocean view setting.   If you’re on a little bit of a budget (and who isn’t these days) and you have some military connection, I certainly recommend checking out the Oceanview Room.  But book early;  they sell out more than a year in advance generally. Here’s a link to their website:  http://www.sdbg.com/oceanview.php

Amanda and Justin got married at the Oceanview Room weekend before last.  They were a really nice couple and she wanted a simple cake — plain iced sides, white on the top and bottom tiers and grey on the middle tier with a black ribbon at the base of each tier.  There were some white orchids for me to place on the cake when I delivered it.  It’s a clean, simple cake that should never look out of style.  Sometimes, simple is beautiful.

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