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The (Almost) Overwhelming Weekend
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The (Almost) Overwhelming Weekend

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The Twiggs Bakery staff survived last weekend!  We were really overcommitted this past weekend which is completely my fault;  I took on too many orders.  After scraping by 4 years ago when the bottom fell out of the economy, at times now I overreach with taking orders.  I feel I have to grab orders now while the grabbings good in case the bottom falls out again.  It really wasn’t the number of orders we took that was the problem, it was the complexity of them.  When I initially looked at the number of orders for this past weekend I thought it was a lot but manageable.  When I really started the production list and looked at what was involved in the orders, I began to realize we had a ton of work ahead of us with all the art work that was involved in so many of the orders.  But the staff really rallied and with a lot of hard work, overtime and dedication, we got through it with flying colors.  Honestly, I thought everything looked great.   But I can’t put myself and my staff through that every weekend.  Here are some highlights.

We had two baby shower cakes this past weekend which required more modelling than most baby shower cakes we do.  It took some time, but they both turned out great.  The first has a “Finding Nemo” theme while the second has a more generic animal theme.

Next up is a small wedding cake for a second marriage.  The bride’s 14 year old daughter from her first marriage designed the wedding cake and sent us a very professional looking sketch.  I thought it was a great design and, more importantly, a great and unique way to get the daughter invested in and excited about her mom’s remarriage.  I thought it came out great.

Next up is a cake that went to the stately La Valencia in La Jolla.  The bride had another design picked out for her cake, but sent a request about a week before the wedding to change the design.  It’s really no problem to change a design that far in advance of the wedding, but the new design did involve a lot more work punching out small flowers for the cake.  The new design probably added about 3 hours additional decorating time — time we really didn’t have with all the other orders — but I’m glad I took it on as I thought the cake was gorgeous.  It took so much time because I decorated both sides of the cake as the cake table use to have a 360 degree view at La Valencia.  When I got there, however, they’d remodeled the room since the last time I was there.  No more old world elegance, the room there now has a much more contemporary though still stately feel.  And the cake table now is against a wall, so I spent all that time decorating one side for nothing!   Oh well, now I know.  But here it is:

In other weekends, the following cakes would probably be more prominently featured, but I don’t want any blog post to get too long.  So here’s some other cakes we did last weekend.  There’s a kid’s 3rd birthday cake (we’ve done all three of his birthdays!).  The party had a train theme and we based the design off the party invitation.  The train on top was handpainted rather painstakingly copying the train on the invitation.  There’s also a 3-D Helicopter groom’s cake that was a model of the helicopter the groom flies for the Marines.  His call numbers are on the front of the helicopter.  It was a little nervewracking delivering this one, but it survived in tact with no loss of blades.  Then there’s a kid’s birthday cake featuring Elmo and finally three cakes for a long time customer who was having one of those major milestone birthdays.  A gentleman never reveals a lady’s age, so I won’t say which milestone it was.  But Ruth was having a “Diva” theme to her party and got three “diva” cakes.  The cake with the mini Louis Vuitton purse on top was particularly time consuming, but I suppose it wouldn’t be a “Diva” cake if it didn’t prompt some curses at the demands of the Diva.    So here they are in thumbnail form.  Click on any image to see a bigger picture.





We had a bunch more fun cakes, but in the interest of time and space, I’ll close the blog post here.  As always, thanks to all of you for keeping us so busy — perhaps a little too busy.  I keep telling myself that being too busy is a good problem to have.  I’m extremely grateful for the volume of business we have now — not just with our cakes but with our breakfasts here at Adams which have become hugely popular especially on weekends.  And the coffeehouse aspect of our business at both locations is going great as well.   Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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