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To Each Their Own
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To Each Their Own

Custom Cakes

Okay, I’m way overdue on writing a blog post but we’ve just been super busy.  I’m working on revamping our lunch menu to make it as enticing as our breakfast menu.  We have a very strong breakfast business and there’s no reason our lunch business can’t be as strong.  So changes are on the way.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, our bakery has continued to be as bustling as ever.  May was our strongest month ever for cake sales and that’s a good thing.  We’ve always done a few unique cakes here and there, but the last month or so has been a few more than usual.  So I decided to make unorthodox cakes the focus of this post.  But I won’t just feature unorthodox cakes because there’s a lot of great “normal” cakes we’ve done that deserve their little day in the sun.

Elaine and Andrew are both doctoral students at UCSD and got married at the lovely Martin Johnson House.  They wanted their cake to reflect their areas of study which meant they wanted a cake covered with bacteria and neurons.  I did simplified line pipings of these and threw in some crossed swords at their request.  Honestly, I’m not sure what the significance of the crossed swords is.  I have to say I didn’t have high expectations for how this cake would look, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t look ridiculous.  The main thing is that it reflected what Elaine and Andrew wanted and that’s what a wedding should do.  It’s a cake that’s uniquely theirs and I doubt will be replicated any time soon.

Gelareh was one of those brides who knew exactly what she wanted and communicated very clearly what she wanted and expected.  I appreciate brides like her as sometimes it can be like reading tea leaves to figure out what a couple wants.  With brides like Gelareh, there’s no guesswork needed — but you better make sure you deliver what was expected.  Her inspiration was a cake covered with blue dragees with some silver rope along the top edge of each tier.  I looked around for blue dragees and ordered some that were way bigger than I thought and weren’t going to work at all.  So we just took some smaller white dragees and colored them with blue lustre dust.  I thought the cake came out great and definitely made a statement.  This cake was delivered to The Abbey on 5th Avenue — a venue that definitely makes it’s own statement.

Before I leave wedding cakes, I’ll show three other cakes we’ve done that really aren’t that unique; but they are pretty cakes.


Joel’s wife was turning 50 and she’s apparently a huge fan of Prince.  Joel was throwing his wife a party at the House of Blues and wanted a cake with a Prince theme, preferably a Purple Rain theme.  Emily our lead designer and decorator worked with him to come up a design that he was happy with.  It looked fantastic.  She also worked with another woman who was turning 50 who was very into bling and skulls.   The invitation to her party had a skull and crossbones, but the cross bones were a fork and spoon.  Emily based her design on the invitation and came up with another cake that looked just great.

Gender Reveal cakes have almost become commonplace for us.  Two years ago I’d never heard of the concept.  Now we do one about every two weeks or so.  This first cake was for a couple who were having a barbeque in their back yard to celebrate the pregnancy and the revealing of the gender.  Their invitation had a pig wearing a diaper and sucking on a pacifier.  They wanted to incorporate the barbeque theme into the cake, so I suggested using the pig in the diaper.  The mom loved the idea.  It definitely made for an unusual gender reveal design.  We also did a gender reveal with a cowboy theme — note the blue / pink cowboy (cowgirl?) boots.


While not particularly unusual, the following are some great baby shower cakes we’ve done recently.



As we all know, San Diego’s a real vacation destination and we do quite a few cakes for visitors to America’s Finest City.  This couple was coming to celebrate his 30th birthday and they were staying at  . . . the Lawrence Welk Resort!  I don’t think of Lawrence Welk as a vacation destination, but apparently it’s part of a timeshare group.  If you own a timeshare with this group and want to go to San Diego then Lawrence Welk is where you end up.  I have to believe there have been more than a few surprised vacationers.  Hopefully, this Crown Royal recreation was a nice surprise in a good way.

Before I close out this post, here are a few more cakes we’ve done that stand out.






Well that’s enough for this post.  Thanks for taking time to read it.  And thanks for keeping us so busy.  We all enjoy being viably employed!   Until next time.



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