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Twiggs — Providing Cakes from Birth to Death
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Twiggs — Providing Cakes from Birth to Death

Custom Cakes

We do cakes for all sorts of occasions here at Twiggs — gender reveal, baby showers, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries are the most popular.  It doesn’t happen that often, but occasionally we’ll get an order for a cake for someone’s memorial service.  Mike marched to his own drummer.  He lived in an Airstream trailer out in the desert.  When he passed, his friends found him in the Airstream with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a fly swatter in the other.  So for his memorial, his friends wanted a cake with an Airstream trailer on top, a small whiskey bottle and a fly swatter along with some dead flies who probably accompanied Mike across the great divide.  It’s certainly an unorthodox memorial cake, but I have to think Mike was an unorthodox man.  When his friends picked the cake up, they absolutely loved it.  Mike, wherever you are, I hope you loved it too.

We’ve had a few sculpted cakes in the last few weeks here at Twiggs.  First is an Orange Curacao Bottle that was a long distance Valentine’s present for a guy stationed in San Diego from his girlfriend back east.  We also did an acoustic guitar for an avid player for his birthday from his wife.  She was nice enough to write a glowing Yelp review, which we appreciate tremendously.  Finally there’s a Border Patrol badge to feed a crowd.

Cake Buffets / Dessert Buffets are increasingly popular for weddings these days.  First up is a shabby chic buffet that was set up at the spectacularly situated Scripps Seaside Forum.  It was a very tight fit with the cake and all the mini-cupcakes.  We were able to get most of the cupcakes on the table, but we had to send a few to the back to replenish the table later.  Then there’s an extremely rustic cake buffet that went to the Harbor House restaurant in Seaport Village.  We’re getting more and more inquiries about “naked” wedding cakes — i.e. cakes that aren’t iced at all.  It’s a very rustic look that actually worked great with the very rustic wood backdrop at the Harbor House and the wood stump pedastals.  The two side cakes had very rustic “stucco” frosting which gives a very home-y look.

If rustic isn’t what you’re going for in your wedding, here’s a few more refined cakes.  First is an ivory cake with some detailed white piping work that looked better in person than it does in this picture.  It was a very elegant, serene cake.  Then there’s a cake with some open scrollwork and fresh flowers that just looked great at the Abbey.  That bride was nice enough to write a glowing review on The Knot about her cake, which makes us love her even more.  Finally, there’s a cake that went to the Bali Hai that was the bride’s “Dream Cake.”  She had designed it herself by taking picture of other cakes and then photoshopping them together to convey the design she wanted.  I hope she was as happy with it as her topper seems to be.


Now, if you want to combine elegant, shabby chic and rustic, how about a simply iced cake with a burlap ribbon around each tier?  I admit to being slightly skeptical about this one — especially with the lime green ribbon that was going to be placed on top of the burlap.  But it ended up looking great — somehow being both elegant and rustic at the same time.  All the tables had burlap runners, so the cake was right at home in the reception.


Finally, we continue to churn out kids cakes every weekend, which I love.  They’re really my favorite cakes to work on.  Mickey and Minnie continue to be one of the most popular subjects we do.  Here’s a Mickey and a Minnie cake the we’ve done in the past couple of weeks.  I’ve put them side by side.  You can click on either image t see a larger version.


Finally, I’m going to close with a cake that’s pretty humbly decorated.  Normally I wouldn’t feature a cake this simple on the blog.  However, the cake is for a couple’s 75th anniversary!  I’ve never done a 75th anniversary cake before and I think the odds are quite high that I’ll never do another one.  And if you make it 75 years together, the least I can do is feature your cake on the website.   The cake was actually taken to a wedding that we did the cake for.  Max and Archa are the bride’s grandparents and she wanted to surprise them at the wedding with a cake celebrating their diamond anniversary.

So that’s it for another blog post.  We continue to be very busy and are gearing up for wedding season now.   We’re really booking up for the summer now and tasting appointments on Saturdays are getting booked up about a week in advance.  So if you want to come in on a Saturday for a tasting like most folks, you should plan at least a week ahead to make sure we can get you on our books.   And if you book with us, I promise a free 75th Anniversary cake from Twiggs if you make it that far!!!  Thanks for reading the blog and supporting Twiggs.  We really appreciate it!



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