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Yes, we still do wedding cakes
Please read the post below for more information...

Yes, we still do wedding cakes

Custom Cakes

Looking over my last month or so of blog posts for Twiggs, I realized I’d focused on our specialty cakes and not really talked about any wedding cakes we’ve done.  So I thought it was about time I talked about wedding cakes, so here’s a couple we did last weekend. 

First up is Irma and Chris’s wedding cake that went to the Hard Rock Hotel in the Gaslamp.  The Hard Rock is a sleek, contemporary venue that seems much more LA to me than San Diego.  Irma was one of those brides who knew exactly what she wanted.  She brought in a picture of a cake she wanted and had little interest in looking through our portfolio to see other options.  She was a woman on a mission — book THIS cake.  I didn’t ask what her budget was, but when I came up with the cost with delivery, I was within $10 of her budget, so she was happy.  I had fun working on this cake, as I’d never done a cake like this before.  The second tier up is actually a styrofoam block decorated to look like a cake.  The edible cake is the bottom tier and the top two.  Irma supplied the faux crystals which we strung and hung from the edges of the upper board.  It’s a glitzy, contemporary cake that fit right in with the glitzy, contemporary Hard Rock.



Jennifer and Nate got married at the Coronado Community Center, a great, contemporary venue that’s right on the bay.  Jennifer was another bride who was very specific about what she wanted.  I don’t want that to come across as negative in any way as she was extremely pleasant to deal with.  She just knew what she wanted and clearly conveyed what she wanted, which is great.  I really want a woman to be thrilled with the cake on her wedding day.  When she’s clear with what she wants, it’s easier to feel confident you’re delivering something they’ll love.  Actually I want the couple to be thrilled, but let’s be honest — most weddings are all about the bride.  The groom is an honored guest at the bride’s wedding in most cases.  So here’s Jennifer (and Nate’s) cake.  I heard she loved it.

Finally, even though this is a post about wedding cakes, I do have to show off one cake we did last weekend, even though it’s not a wedding cake.   Here’s a 3D replica of Finn McMissle from Cars.  Click on the images to see larger versions.



That’s it for another blog post.  We continue to be very busy and I continue to be extremely grateful.  If you want one of our standard 8″ cakes, we can usually accomodate those with 24 hours notice, even in very busy times.  But if you’re looking for some sort of specialty design, you really should contact us a couple of weeks prior to when you want the cake.  One of the by-products of being very busy is that we get booked up.  We’ve been booked up for this weekend for about a week and we’re booked up for next weekend (June 30/July 1).   I hate disappointing people, particularly folks who’ve ordered from us before.  But we’re a relatively small shop.  We can only do so much and keep up the quality.  So plan ahead!    Thanks for reading.


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